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Annmarie Hughes is an internationally exhibited Artist, Decorative Ceramicist and Jewellery Designer who graduated in Illustration from Brighton University 2002.


Annmarie's work is based upon deep emotion, meditation and the power of light and dark.

Since graduating Annmarie has realised that Art is a wonderful medium to reach out to the community.

She believes that Art and Creativity help nurture a person.

  Annmarie uses bold colour acrylic on canvas or stark black and white ink on canvas to create an ambience of either uplifting harmony or disturbing discord. Her work depends on mood and she uses her painting as a form of expression.

Her craft projects allow her to unwind and create peices for their own beauty.

Annmarie has a passion for social inclusion. She has used her work as a springboard for therapeutic projects with Young Offenders and Mental Health, and feels that Art can be an important tool for learning to express what we feel.

Annmarie also works as a support worker for Mental Health, Dementia and Adults with Learning difficulties and is trained to work with people who have a wide range of specific needs.

Annmarie is keen to explore all areas of Creative Therapy and how the creative process helps people to cope and come to terms with issues.

Annmarie at work As a person Annmarie is community oriented and in her passion for social inclusion has extensive experience working with mental health, people with drug and alcohol issues, young offenders and children.

Colour is very important to her and she has recently learnt she was born with congenital cataracts and therefore see’s different shades of colour than her viewers which deeply intrigues her.

As an Artist Annmarie has branched out into making Jewellery and Decorative Ceramics and loves all aspects of each creative process


New Craft Work to be uploaded to buy shortly

Over the past year or so I have produced a huge range of new and interesting Craft Work and Jewellery.

I have found my passion for creating has transformed and inspired me to experiment.

Below are a selection of pieces I have created.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be updating this site so that jewellery and craft can be purchased directly.

I am showing you a small selection of the beautiful treats you have in store

If you are a shop wishing to stock my work please contact me at


Website like its owner under construction

This website like me is under constant construction.

There have been a lot of exciting projects and developments that I will be filling you in on in the next few weeks.

2012-2014 has been a rollercoaster of projects and career changes

Some of which Include

  • Mural for Sarah Beeney Selling Houses
  • Mural for Om Nom cafe
  • Art workshops with NHS clients
  • New techniques found for Jewellery making and Decorative Ceramics

Pictures of all craft and paintings and murals to be uploaded asap.

Annmarie on TV Again Sarah Beeneys Selling Houses


Aired Channel 4 Wednesday 21st Nov 2012 at 8pm

watch on Demand


Mural 1 


New work and Exhibitions

Hello All


During the last few months a lot has been going on.

Two very large 5ft by 5ft Pieces were produced for a large show at the jubilee library in March.

I have been liaising with Lancing sensory garden project to come up with designs for their sensory garden and supplying them with expertise and artist contacts.

I have also been filmed for a prime time TV show creating work which is a bit hush hush but will be revealed in the next article with cropped sneak peaks of the final work.

All very exciting stuff.

These are some relevant pictures.

Jubilee Library Exhibition

Cosmic Gardener She Tries To Hold The Sun But It Burns Her Hands

Jubilee Private View 1 Jubilee Private View 2

Annmarie Painting

The Cork Street Open - Mayfair, London

What a whirlwind week, on Tuesday the 2nd August, I found out I had gotten through to the final stage of judging for The Cork Street Open.

I was delighted to be chosen and slightly stunned, we had already bought tickets for the private view as it was a fund raiser for Papyrus a charity for prevention of young suicide.

This is a very worthwhile charity and I feel privileged to support them.

The private view was amazing; I was still slightly stunned to get chosen as out of more than 2100 applicants only 200 pieces were chosen.

The event was opened by Richard Dorment, art critic for The Telegraph, compeer Gemma Hadley Artist and presenter and speaker Stephen Habgood Chairman of Papyrus.

It was amazing to see so much amazing work on show and I am still on cloud nine to be part of it.

Thanks go out to all judging the 2011 show.

The wonderful work and care of Kathryn Roberts Founder of The Cork Street Open needs the biggest thank you of all, as Kathryn works tirelessly to put on such a breathtaking competition each year and takes her duties way beyond 9-5, above all she cares about the causes she fundraises for and the artists she is promoting.

The show runs from now until the 12th August if you want to catch a glimpse.

27-28 Cork Street

Please look at the picture gallery for more insight into this wonderful show.

Weekend Workshop Tasters 23rd and 24th July

All ages welcome. Come be creative!!!!!!!

Auction Party Air Dates

Auction Party air date Wednesday 27th July - ITV 1 @ 2 pm.

Finally we have a firm date for when you may (if I haven’t been edited out) see me on telly.

You will definitely see my vase, lovingly crafted for Whoopsadaisy being sold for 100 times its value.
So tune in if not to see the flowing locks of Lawrence Llwellyn Bowen then to see my creation.

Cork Street Open August 2011

Well there has been a lot of good news of late but i was absolutely speechless (and that doesn’t happen often) to find out my painting Green and pleasant land has been shortlisted for the Cork Street Open.

This was whittled down from 2106 entries to 365. I have to drop my work off August 1st and then have to wait to see if its hung on August 2nd, but will definitely be in the catalogue.

This feels really exciting and I am so pleased to be chosen.

20th July Fab Lab Revealed

Something very fantastic is happening in Brighton.

Have you ever wanted to make something but didn’t know how or have the skills or the machinery? Well, Brighton has the answer on the tip of its tongue. Brighton wants to open a new Fab Lab based at Rodhus!!!!!

For those who are stumped as to what I'm blithering on about, if you Google the only Fab Lab based in the UK - then you can see the kind change this can bring to Brighton as a creative and innovative place.

Fablab revealed
Fablab revealed

Annmarie Joins Rodhus Studio

After realising that, although JAG Gallery is a wonderful environment, I needed a different space.  I am now working within Rodhus and, as well as having my work on display, I am also hosting workshops alongside Darren Calder (weaver), Martin Middleton (Cassette Lord),  and Jasmine Mercer (Childrens Book Illustrator.)

The space hosts a number of different ventures including work from people such as Sean Dare of Dare studio, William Sadowski of Work flow studio, Roberto Gagliano of Pottery Gagliano.

Working within this unique spacious environment feels like being part of Britain’s next industrial and creative revolution.

With plans to have a fabrication laboratory (FAB LAB Brighton) on its premises Rodhus is due to become a creative hub.

Its relaxed friendly environment lets me focus on my work and enables me to set up workshops which is something I have wanted to do for a long time.

It is a space where makers and artists come together to share ideas and help one another grow as well as being peaceful enough to work freely and explore creativity.

I hope to be with Rodhus for a long time.

To Be Worn Again

As of this week you can see my jewellery, vases and decorative ceramic mugs upstairs in Ziggy’s music in the fashionable To Be Worn Again in Brighton's lanes.

Situated in Sydney Street, this well known shop is the vintage bargain hunters refuge.
My craft work is quite suited there as the components for my jewellery and decals for my decorative ceramics are circa 1970.

Private View

Private View From The Back Door On a very windy, very rainy weekend in February we had our very first Private View weekend at the Jag Gallery which had radically changed incarnation from a gallery hosting just a few artists to an open studio hosting around 20 artists.

The atmosphere was electric, with special celebrity guests stopping by and music from the wonderful Sam Batt.

A friendly and fun weekend (which also happily coincided with my birthday celebration) was a real buzz.

The pictures of the evening say more than I ever could.

Auction Party

Annie with Laurence Llewelyn Bowen What a Fantastic Month!

JAG Gallery Artists were asked by local chidren's charity Whoopsadaisy to upcycle objects for the ITV Show Auction Party, hosted by Laurence Llewelyn Bowen. Auction Party is in the format of a competition where two competing teams attempty to raise the most money for their chosen charity.

I produced an ornate vase (that was once a charity shop buy for £1) embellished with paint and glass to produce a stylish piece of objet d'art.Other JAG Gallery artists provided equally unique, beautiful pieces finished in their own styles.

I also liaised with charity Whoopsadaisy, the artists and the producer of ITV’s Auction Party to help organise 20 artist statements and intent for the crew working on the show.

The televised auction was a complete success, with JAG Gallery winning the contest and raising a whopping £4,000 for Whoopsadaisy.

Wahoo for community spirit xxxxx

I have now started working with glass vases as am finding it a lot of fun.


Annmarie Hughes Joins JAG Gallery

The Jag Gallery and open studios is an artists' quarter on the seafront in Brighton.

Owned by Julie-Anne Gilburt it currently hosts 20 artists making and exhibiting in their own spaces. This can be anything from painting to bespoke furniture.

The studio is a creative hub, where customers can not only buy work but talk to the artists about how it was made.

JAG Gallery is a favourite seaside retreat for celebrities and is associated with a number of charities.

This vibrant artists community is a must see for anyone coming to have a fun day by the seaside.

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I Gaze On Light

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