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Annmarie Hughes is an internationally exhibited Artist, Decorative Ceramicist and Jewellery Designer who graduated in Illustration from Brighton University 2002.


Annmarie's work is based upon deep emotion, meditation and the power of light and dark.

Since graduating Annmarie has realised that Art is a wonderful medium to reach out to the community.

She believes that Art and Creativity help nurture a person.

  Annmarie uses bold colour acrylic on canvas or stark black and white ink on canvas to create an ambience of either uplifting harmony or disturbing discord. Her work depends on mood and she uses her painting as a form of expression.

Her craft projects allow her to unwind and create peices for their own beauty.

Annmarie has a passion for social inclusion. She has used her work as a springboard for therapeutic projects with Young Offenders and Mental Health, and feels that Art can be an important tool for learning to express what we feel.

Annmarie also works as a support worker for Mental Health, Dementia and Adults with Learning difficulties and is trained to work with people who have a wide range of specific needs.

Annmarie is keen to explore all areas of Creative Therapy and how the creative process helps people to cope and come to terms with issues.

Annmarie at work As a person Annmarie is community oriented and in her passion for social inclusion has extensive experience working with mental health, people with drug and alcohol issues, young offenders and children.

Colour is very important to her and she has recently learnt she was born with congenital cataracts and therefore see’s different shades of colour than her viewers which deeply intrigues her.

As an Artist Annmarie has branched out into making Jewellery and Decorative Ceramics and loves all aspects of each creative process


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MySpace - Annmarie Hughes LinkedIn - Annmarie Hughes Facebook - Annmarie Hughes