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Annmarie Joins Rodhus Studio

Tuesday 5 July 2011, 10:35 pm

After realising that, although JAG Gallery is a wonderful environment, I needed a different space.  I am now working within Rodhus and, as well as having my work on display, I am also hosting workshops alongside Darren Calder (weaver), Martin Middleton (Cassette Lord),  and Jasmine Mercer (Childrens Book Illustrator.)

The space hosts a number of different ventures including work from people such as Sean Dare of Dare studio, William Sadowski of Work flow studio, Roberto Gagliano of Pottery Gagliano.

Working within this unique spacious environment feels like being part of Britain’s next industrial and creative revolution.

With plans to have a fabrication laboratory (FAB LAB Brighton) on its premises Rodhus is due to become a creative hub.

Its relaxed friendly environment lets me focus on my work and enables me to set up workshops which is something I have wanted to do for a long time.

It is a space where makers and artists come together to share ideas and help one another grow as well as being peaceful enough to work freely and explore creativity.

I hope to be with Rodhus for a long time.

Other News

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Channel 4 Wednesday 21st Nov 2012 at 8pm to see what i have been up to. watch on demand

New work and Exhibitions

Hello All During the last few months a lot has been going on. Two very large 5ft by 5ft Pieces were produced for a large show at the jubilee library in March. I have been liaising with Lancing sensory garden project to come up with designs for their sensory garden and supplying them with expertise and artist contacts. I have also been filmed for a prime time TV show creating work which is a bit hush hush but will be revealed in the next article with cropped sneak peaks of the fi…

The Cork Street Open - Mayfair, London

What a whirlwind week, on Tuesday the 2nd August, I found out I had gotten through to the final stage of judging for The Cork Street Open.

I was delighted to be chosen and slightly stunned, we had already bought tickets for the private view as it was a fund raiser for Papyrus a charity for prevention of young suicide.

MySpace - Annmarie Hughes LinkedIn - Annmarie Hughes Facebook - Annmarie Hughes