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Annmarie Hughes

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My paintings are based upon deep emotion, meditation and the power of light and dark.

I use bold colour acrylic on canvas or stark black and white ink on canvas to create an ambience of either uplifting harmony or disturbing discord.

My work depends on mood and I use my painting as a form of expression.

I have used my work as a springboard for therapeutic work with young offenders. I feel Art can be an important tool for learning to express what we feel.

My freelance work and exhibitions include:

  • Residence and  permanent Exhibition at JAG Gallery, Brighton
  • Annie at JAG Gallery
  • Exhibition "All art is useless" gallery, Antwerp, Belgium - Painting retained by gallery
  • All Art is Useless - Belgium
  • Paintings in private collections
  • Limited edition prints in private collections
  • Exhibition MCLA GALLERY 51 Massechucettes USA
  • Exhibition Brighton Wave Hotel
  • Exhibition Oriental Holtel, Brighton
  • Exhibition Generator Gallery, Loughborough
  • Exhibition Gallery 110, Loughborough
  • Prop design for Vavavoom clubnight, Brighton
  • Commissioned painting for Artists book {Ron Atkin RA under the name William Green}

My participatory work includes:

  • Project management/ lead artist under 12s and family based projects Charnwood Arts
  • Over 80 pieces produced with/by children within two primary schools in Loughborough, Leicestershire
  • Responsible for a budget £35,000 for Charnwood Arts Registered Charity
  • Girl In Pink
  • Volunteer art co-ordinator Humphrey Perkins High School - working with teenagers excluded from mainstream and offending
  • Volunteer art workshops - Big issue Brighton
  • Working with vendors and ex vendors to produce Streetlights
  • She is trained in Arts and social inclusion

As an artist I feel I have a passion for arts in a community setting.
I am idealistic and want to forge crossover arts projects.
I am passionate about social inclusion and work with those who may need more support.
My varied participatory experience is as follows:

Professional Experience/Training

Freelance work:

Annie at Gallery Esra
Exhibition Massachusetts College of Liberal arts Nov 2008- Feb 2008
Artspace Exhibition - Generator Gallery - June-July 06
Exhibition - Gallery 110, Loughborough - July–Nov 05
Exhibition - Oriental Hotel, Brighton - March-Aug 05
Exhibition - Brighton Wave Hotel, Brighton - Nov 04-March 05
International Exhibition- "All Art Is Useless" Gallery Esra - Antwerp, Belgium - Jan 04
Three paintings are in private collections, one was retained by gallery itself.

Freelance workshops- Charnwood Museum

I have led workshops for Charnwood Museum’s holiday programme working with ages 2-15 yrs plus adults.
The workshop themes are worked out by the museum beforehand and I implement them.
My freelance work also includes:
Prop Design –Vavavoom Clubnight, Brighton
Commissioned painting for artists book-Ron Atkin under the name William Green

Project management:

Mighty Zulu Nation Mandala Children Working

Multi-cultural co-ordinator - Charnwood Arts
Project management for the Multi-cultural extended schools programme and community based projects.

Within this role I led workshops and employed a bank of Artists to lead workshops within two primary schools (Cobden and Rendell) and in a number of community settings.

I liaised with the schools to expand the provision they had for 38 children in the two after schools clubs to produce a curricular based theme run as schools residencies that were enjoyed by 148 children aged between 8yrs and 12yrs.

This was run in conjunction with holiday and community projects.
To facilitate this I was in charge of a £35,000 Budget and procurement of materials.
I also line managed two members of staff as well as artists employed on the project

I liaised with local government funders (children’s fund) and have gained knowledge of funding and government directives on children’s centres.
During the course of a six month tenure I liaised with Campaign for Learning and The Racial Equality Council as well as Loughborough University’s widening participation officer.

I have also liaised with the local library and Charnwood Museum in order to foster long lasting partnerships.
The partnership with Loughborough University has resulted in a mural produced by local children for family learning week.
Our provision also extended to participation in the Loughborough Mela and Streets Alive.
This project has had positive impacts on individual children and the schools as a whole.

I worked with all cultures and backgrounds, and children on the special need register.
My tenure ended with a request from our funders for a report to be written about the impact of our project for inclusion magazine (a magazine produced by the funders circulated to other extended schools projects.)


Social Inclusion:

Art programme leader – The Annex Humphrey Perkins

I have an extreme interest and passion about social inclusion and piloted a programme with young offenders aged 13yrs who were at threat of permanent exclusion.
I secured funding for this myself from two local corporations.
These workshops were based at the exclusion unit at Humphrey Perkins High School, Barrow upon Soar.

The workshops were emotion based and a marked improvement could be seen in the teenagers’ behaviour.

They learnt to express themselves and their achievements gave them a greater sense of self worth.
They worked with guided meditation and pen and ink expressive painting to produce great pieces of work.

This experience has given me insight into the different backgrounds that can be a precursor to challenging behaviour and how to use art as a creative outlet for emotions.

Volunteer Art Assistant, Drop in Service – Big issue Brighton

I have experience working with vendors and ex-vendors to produce artwork and creative writing for Street Lites.
This was a service that provided much more than creative support, it provided a friendly ear and a warm welcome to those who needed support.
It also provided a feeling of self worth and empowerment to those who put in or worked on projects.

Volunteer – Clocktower Sanctuary, Brighton

I started volunteering at a day sanctuary working with homeless teenagers offering support, advice and referral

Personal Support Assistant -Amethyst Partnership

  • Working with adults with mental health problems who have been recently institutionalised.
  • Working with people with diagnoses such as Schizophrenia, Drug-induced Psychosis, Paranoid Psychosis, Depressive Psychosis, Schizotypal Personality Disorder, Korsakoff’s Syndrome, Medication-induced memory loss and neurological problems related to medication, Chronic fatigue, Severe depression, Asperger’s Syndrome, Clients recovering from suicidal feelings/attempts and Recovering Catatonics.
  • Working with ex-offenders including those convicted of serious crime such as GBH and Manslaughter.
  • Working to support each client according to the support plan agreed with the client, their Clinical Psychiatric Nurse (C.P.N.) and Psychiatrist.
  • Support includes 1:1 discussion of feelings and problems, this is essential to client wellbeing.
  • Advice and referral for clients to external agencies (Local mental health housing support, Mind, Addaction.)
  • Dealing with life stressors with the clients (threat of eviction, dealing with solicitors, meetings with authority figures.)
  • Setting up psychiatric appointments and appointments with C.P.N.
  • Adjusting support plans to accommodate new day to day challenges in the client’s lives.
  • Supporting to check clients are taking medication and support with collection from pharmacy and ordering blister packed medication as weekly packets.
  • Support for medication injections.
  • Support clients with daily tasks they find difficult.
  • Budgeting/paying bills/help with housing/help with mobility and access/help with daily routine.
  • Helping clients with anxiety get out into the community.
  • Helping clients get used to society again after being institutionalised by 1:1 in the community, at café’s or the cinema.
  • Supporting clients to make the most of their hobbies as a therapeutic outlet, such as painting, woodwork, music, poetry and sport.
  • Liaising with Clinical Mental Health Team and Support staff and Management at Amethyst to Keywork and Support clients to keep them out of hospital, well and happy.


 Hanover Care

  • Varied support work around Brighton and East Sussex
  • Work at Millview Psychiatric Hospital
  • Work with Suicidal patients, work with Geriatric Psychiatry and Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Working with all diagnosis including dual diagnosis
  • Working with those with complex housing needs
  • working with those recently released from prison.
  • Work liaising with Millview and Royal Sussex County maternity unit in regards to shared patient.
  • Work supporting patients with cat scans and catheter changes
  • Secondment to NHS supported housing from Millview supporting four clients with Schizophrenia and one client with Aspergers
  • supporting service users in the transition between NHS contract ending and Brighton Housing Trust contract beginning and their subsequent move of home.
  • Work with Intermediate Bed services and Medium and High support  Mental Health housing
  • Work with Brighton City Council working with Severe Special Needs at various places in Brighton
  • Working with severe Autism, Self harm, Angelmans, Smiths Maginis Syndrome, Cerebral Paulsy, Downs Syndrome and other complex needs
  • Work at Neville Hospital working with Geriatric Dementia and Alzhiemers


BA Hons Illustration
BTEC Foundation Art and Design
GNVQ Art and Design




Safeguarding Children & Young Adults - Level 2 (POCA 2)

SOVA - Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults - Level 2 (POVA 2 )

Handling of Violence and Aggression

Lone Worker

RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases & Dangerous Occurrences Regulations)

Information Governance, Data Protection, Handling Patient Information, Record Keeping and Caldicott Protocol

Mentalization-Based Approaches for working with BPD for Arts Psychotherapists- Central and Noth west London NHS

Introduction to mental health -Amethyst Partnership

Young People, the Arts and Social Inclusion Six Day Accredited Course

This Course Covers:
Unit 1:Why youth arts?

  • Why use youth arts to work with vulnerable young people?
  • Getting the context right?
  • Sustainability-first principles
  • Case studies from social services, youth service, mental health services

Unit 2: Creating Safety-Child protection

  • The importance of child protection in youth arts.
  • Current legislation and guidelines for working with vulnerable young people
  • Recognising abuse, protecting yourself and the reporting procedure
  • Developing an appropriate child protection policy
  • "Safe touch" guidelines for using arts with vulnerable young people

Unit 3:Using the Arts with Young People at Risk (including funding issues)

  • Benefits of using the arts to work with young people
  • Context of work using the arts with vulnerable young people
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of youth arts and youth culture
  • Identify the skills needed to successfully design, fund, manage and market an arts project for vulnerable young people
  • Explore current CRB child protection legislation
  • Issues involved in interagency work

Unit 4:Good Practice and behaviour management

  • Practical aspects of behaviour management
  • Health and safety
  • Risk assessment

Unit 5: Partnership working

  • Lines of communication
  • Accountability
  • Involving young people in project management
  • Project responsiveness
  • Case studies from Social Services, Youth service, Mental Health services

Unit 6: Marketing and concluding the project

  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Dissemination of the results
  • Learning from failures
  • Building on successes-next moves


Course in Public Art –Commissions East 2002

Stained Glass And Fused Glass-ongoing course-Claire Williamson Restorations.
I have also been in house trained in emotional literacy


Substance Misuse mentor training – Rainer Leicester

I have been trained to be a Substance Misuse mentor by the charity Rainer (part of The Royal Philanthropic Society).
As part of this I have had Mentor Training, Drugs Awareness Training, From Awareness to Intervention Training, Alcohol and Young People Training, and Child Protection Training.


Volunteer Art Assistant – Blatchington Mill High School, Brighton

I worked as a voluntary assistant in art department of a secondary school working with 13-18yr olds plus one fully statemented class.
I assisted in art department and also working one to one with 14yr old with Asperger's Syndrome


I also have experience as a Teaching and Individual Needs Assistant



I am extremely interested in any form of animation.
I also have an artistic appreciation of film and other such media.
I have a natural affinity with others especially children/young people.
I have been practicing Hatha Yoga for 5 yrs which helps me focus.
I have taken a course in co-counselling to improve my listening skills.
I practice qigong and have taken Reiki level 1.



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